Reflections on Musical Adventures & Wind Energy in Aruba

It has been about one month since we left for Aruba. Now we are back in the States and have had a chance to reflect on our wonderful experience there. As professional musicians, it was an absolute pleasure to perform for audiences in Aruba. Simone Gollo and the board members of the Aruba Symphony Festival have worked incredibly hard over the past five years to build local audiences. The attendance at every concert was outstanding. Everywhere we performed, people came up to us after the concerts to thank us for bringing classical music to the island. It is clear that there is a strong desire and need for our music there. We became acquainted with some of the audience members and recognized them night after night, faithfully attending as many concerts as they could manage. We greatly enjoyed performing music composed by our friends Andrew Litts and Jesus David. It was truly an honor to help cultivate a classical music tradition on the island of Aruba. We hope that it will only grow from here.


While in Aruba, we also noticed the many efforts this small island is making towards 100% renewable energy and reducing consumer waste. For example, most restaurants will provide paper straws rather than the typical plastic straws we are accustomed to back in the States. Grocery stores will not give out plastic shopping bags as it is generally expected that you will bring your own bags. If you absolutely need a bag, they may supply paper bags but sometimes there is a fee attached. Tap water on the island goes through a special sanitization process making it clean and drinkable, and reducing the need to buy bottled water. Solar and wind energy is growing on the island. Towards the end of our time in Aruba, we were able to make a special trip out to the Vader Piet Windmill Farm. Built in 2009, the farm is located on the island’s northern coast in a more remote area of the island. The farm includes 10, 180-meter high wind turbines. The island is currently building a second wind farm, which (when completed) will greatly help the island reach its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2020. The small island of Aruba is a great model to the US and other countries of what a renewable energy future looks like. Change is not just about industry but also cultural mindset, and the people of Aruba have cultivated both.


It was an honor for Revolution Winds to perform in Aruba, a place that has a deep love of classical music and the environment. We hope to return soon.

Vader Piet Windmill Farm, Aruba, July, 2019